Support materials

We've pulled together a suite of information and resources, from postcards to podcasts, to help you and your employees.

You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter, Pension Matters, to be kept up to speed with what we're doing to make your life easier.

You can download any of the literature and materials on this page or if you'd like to order a printed version of a poster, postcard or leaflet contact us.

Share our helpful guide and videos with employees approaching retirement about their different options.

If you just want to remind your employees about the valuable benefit you're providing or tell employees not in the scheme about the benefits of saving into a pension, you can use the communications below.

These campaign materials help communicate our climate change commitments and how your employees responsible investments are helping to do good.

Our mobile app can make it easier for your employees to check in with their pension that little bit more often. You can use our campaign material to tell employees about the app.

No one likes to think about what’ll happen when they die, but when it comes to their pension it’s important your employees tell us what they'd like to do with their savings when they're gone.

You can download and send the communications below to remind employees about nominating their beneficiaries using our mobile app, or our secure online form.

Our regular podcasts can help employees keep up to date with Royal London and their pension on the go. You can share these links with your employees or add them to your own internal website.

To help you raise awareness of the scheme and that the transfer process is coming, we've created a toolkit where you can choose to use as many items as you like with your employees.

We've got a suite of engagement materials you can share with your employees to help them understand the long-term value of salary exchange.

Our single contribution material highlights the benefits of tax relief and points employees towards our secure online form if they decide to make a one-off payment into their pension. You can use our email wording and order copies of the poster and postcard.

Our email templates can help you boost your employees' understanding of the benefits of tax relief.