Support materials

As an employer, you can help your employees understand the benefits of their workplace pension and how to improve their financial wellbeing.

We've created this employee engagement toolkit to support regular communications with your employees. The information aims to help employees make the most of their workplace pension, improve their financial education, and build their financial resilience.

You can download the resources on this page by clicking the relevant links.

Help your employees understand how salary exchange works and how they can benefit from this arrangement longer term.

Help your employees understand how they benefit from tax relief on their pension contributions.

Your employees can choose to move their existing pension savings to Royal London when you move your scheme to us.

You can raise awareness of this option and highlight there will be a transfer window with the materials below.

Our single contribution material highlights the benefits of tax relief and points employees towards our secure online form if they decide to make a one-off payment into their pension. You can use our email wording and print copies of the poster.

Tell your employees about our climate change commitments and how their pension savings are helping to do good.

Encouraging your employees to download our mobile app and check in on their pension regularly can help them understand if their pension is on the right path, and value the long term benefits their workplace pension scheme offers.

Help your employees build their financial resilience by telling them about our free financial wellbeing service, where they can carry out a financial health check, access ongoing financial education and support tailored to their personal circumstances, and check if they're eligible for state benefits.

Help your employees digest important topics like budgeting, the State Pension and family planning with our financial wellbeing content. Share the links below with your employees by adding them to your communications and/or internal websites.

Our articles and guides are also available for employees on our mobile app and employee hubs.

If you have employees approaching retirement, these resources can help them understand more about their options.

It's important your employees tell us who they want their pension savings to go to when they die.

Encourage them to nominate a beneficiary, and keep their details up to date with the below engagement materials.

You can download and send the communications to remind employees about nominating their beneficiaries using our mobile app, or our secure online form.