We’ve revamped our employee hubs


24 March 2023
Your employee hub is just one of the tools we’ve got to help drive engagement within your workplace scheme, and we’ve given the hub a fresh new look and feel.

When you and your employees visit your hub, it may look slightly different, but don’t worry you’ve still got access to all the great content and materials as before – but now it’s easier to find. 

The new hub also works better on mobile devices making it easier for your employees to keep and eye on their pension savings whilst they’re on the go.

What’s on the hub

There’s lots of content to help your employees find out more about where their pension savings are invested, their options at retirement and as well as keeping up to date on the contributions that have already been made, they can find out more about topping up their pension savings with single contributions or help if they’re thinking of transferring other pensions.

Promoting the hubs with your workforce

We’ve created an employer – employee template for you to let them know about the new look and feel along with the great content they can access through their employee hub.

Keep your employees on track

The easiest way for your employees to keep track of their pension savings is via our mobile app.  To help drive engagement into your scheme and support your employees with their aim to get good outcomes at retirement, you can use our support material to encourage them to download the app.