We’re enhancing our automatic enrolment communications

27 February 2023
We’re making some changes to the auto enrolment communications we send to your employees when they join the pension scheme.

From 6 March, employers using our full run system will see the following changes when they're onboarding new employees into the pensions scheme:

  • We’re making improvements to the joining packs (PDF) your auto enrolled employees will receive from us.
  • We’re including all the key employee personal information you’ve provided and our playback process into the joining pack. This means your employees will receive fewer communications and they’ll be able to see and act on any incorrect or incomplete information sooner.
  • We’re increasingly issuing our communications digitally, so we’ve made improvements to our welcome emails to your employees. Our new welcome email provides a more engaging first impression and provides employees with a heads up to expect the joining pack email next.
  • Our joining pack email is delivered by a secure email to better protect your employee’s personal data. The email contains all the information the employee needs to access the secure content. The welcome email also contains a link to additional support on our customer website.
  • The secure email will come from 'aedocuments@royallondon.com'. Please make sure your employees mark this email address as trusted, so it’s not blocked by their email firewall or redirected into junk email.
  • If you’re not currently using email for your scheme’s AE communications delivery, you can ask us to change your default delivery method at any time.

Need more information

If you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch with your usual Royal London contact.