Premium Relief At Source (PRAS) changes

20 November 2023
We’re making a few changes to our auto enrolment (AE) dashboard and the information provided to workers and scheme members when there’s a change to their personal details.

The upcoming changes will make improvements to the change confirmation process, including enhancements to our digital journey, and the re-issue or ‘playback’ of a member’s personal details when we’ve updated any incorrect or incomplete information.

The changes include:

  • A new joining pack will be generated when a change is notified before the member’s plan goes live. The pack will contain confirmation of the updated details.
  • If a member has notified us of a change before their plan goes live, we’ll automatically issue the updated joining pack to them, either by encrypted email if we have an email address for that member or by post if we don’t. If you notify us of a change for a member an updated joining pack will be available to you to download from the dashboard and provide to the member.
  • An improved change notification process after a plan is live when a date of birth or retirement age is updated, or when a National Insurance number or employment status is changed. An improved confirmation letter will now be issued.
  • A dashboard notification will be sent to you to inform you of changes to your members’ details. This will allow you to take action on your own records when a change is made.