Making sure your contributions are correct

20 July 2023
We understand that managing a pension isn’t easy but it’s important that you give us the correct information when you’re uploading your contributions into our online dashboard.

When using our online dashboard, you need to upload your scheme’s contributions each month. We’ve recently seen some cases where the information that’s being uploaded isn’t quite right.

Using incorrect information isn’t ideal and can cause implications which can impact your employees further down the line. For example, the contribution won’t be invested until we have the correct information which can affect your employees’ pension savings.

To help us tackle this issue, we’ve pulled out what you need to consider when uploading your contributions.

Key details to check when making your contributions:

  • Correct National Insurance (NI) number -We need this before we can collect any tax relief on contributions.
  • Correct earnings for the pay reference period –We need this to ensure that any data validation we’re carrying out in relation to contributions paid is accurate and in turn presented back to you before completion of your contribution schedule so that you can take any necessary action.
  • Remove any duplicate data – Duplicate data can stop you from uploading your schedule which can then lead to delays in the information being successfully keyed and monies being invested.  It is important that you check your data each month before uploading it to ensure that you have no duplicate workers or multiple workers using the same NI number. This can often happen when a temporary NI number is used, so it’s important that you use a valid NI number where available.
  • Which due month are you uploading – The due month of your contribution is displayed for you at the time you begin keying your schedule, it is important that you take note of this information to ensure that you’re not keying duplicate months or keying the incorrect payroll information to the incorrect month.

Important: It won’t always be possible for Royal London to correct any errors which you may have made when uploading your contribution schedule, therefore if overpayments or underpayments are made for example these will need to be corrected by you when the next month upload is made. This is why it is important that you’re reviewing the data you upload as well as the validations which are presented to you each month.

Any questions

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your Servicing Team to discuss.