It’s now even easier to access our financial wellbeing service

27 February 2023
Our latest mobile app enhancement makes it really easy for your employees to use our financial wellbeing service

Employees can now log onto the service quickly and easily whilst they’re on the go and they can launch the service from within the Wellbeing or the Tools section on the navigation bar.

We’ve already emailed eligible customers about these enhancements, and we’ve updated our employee engagement toolkit with some new materials to help promote the service which you can share with your employees. You can also visit our financial wellbeing page to find out the benefits of the service.

Introducing our new report

Our new financial wellbeing report will help you get a closer look at how your employees are using the service and those who've already completed a health check. Whilst you can't get access to your employees' personal information, you'll be able to get some good insight about which are the popular areas within the service and how your employees feel about their finances.

You'll need to have a minimum of 5 employees using the service to generate a report. And to request one is really easy, just get in touch.