We’ve enhanced our mobile app

27 April 2022
We’ve introduced new investment features to help your employees make more informed decisions.

Your employees will now have a designated area in the mobile app where they can access key investment information.

What changes have been made?

They will be able to:

  • see the split of the funds they’re invested in, as well as the overall plan value and valuation date.
  • see high-level information about their investment choice
  • choose how their funds are displayed, either as a percentage (%) or monetary value (£)

There's an educational ‘Explore’ section, where your employees can find out more about our investment solutions and become more informed about investing. This will include topics such as investment basics all the way through to ESG and more. The ‘Attitude to Risk’ section links to the current RL.com webpages to help your employees understand more about how they approach risk.

How can I tell my employees about the change? 

We’ve updated our key mobile app promotional material with the investment features.