We’re making small changes to our online automatic enrolment dashboard and supporting materials

5 October 2022
Over the next week, we’ll be making some small changes to our online automatic enrolment dashboard to improve some of the data that we’re capturing when you’re adding or editing workers.
The information we’re tightening up includes capturing:
  • the full names of the worker rather than just initials
  • a worker’s national insurance number or where there’s not one being provided, why this is
  • confirmation that you or your scheme administrator have read an updated declaration screen when you're adding or editing a worker.

New material

We’ve taken this opportunity to revamp some of the material we use to support our dashboard starting off with some new short videos which are available on our employer webpage.  These new videos provide step by step walkthroughs on how to do key tasks.  We’ll be continuing to add to this list of videos over the coming months. 


Will this affect what you do?

We’ve reviewed the templates that the majority of employers use to send us their data, and we’re confident that the small changes we’re making, won’t have an impact on what you do. This is because the vast majority of employers already share this information with us.


Need more information

We’ve already told your adviser about these changes, but if you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch with your usual Royal London contact.