Our financial wellbeing service is on the app

5 October 2022
We’ve enhanced some of the features within our app to help customers engage more with their savings and achieve better outcomes in the future.

Our new financial wellbeing service is designed to help your employees build stronger financial resilience and help them take greater control of their financial futures.  We’re already seeing some positive interaction with the service, and we’ve recently made it even easier for customers to access it via our mobile app.   

We’ve also made it easier for customers to transfer savings to their Royal London plan using our execution only process. We’ve introduced some new signposting in the app around transfers, along with some new questions which can help when they’re requesting their transfer pack.

How can I promote the mobile app to my employees?

Our mobile app makes it easy to check in on your savings whilst you’re on the go, so if you know that your employees still aren't making the most of our app, we have a suite of materials that can help.  You can use these with your employees to promote the mobile app and its benefits. They include an email template, posters and how to demos. You can find these on our support materials page or below