How well do you know your employees?

4 August 2022
It’s great when new employees join a workplace scheme, and we want to give them every chance of engaging with their savings in a positive way from the very start – but we need your help.

Automatic enrolment requirements mean that once you’ve added a new employee to your scheme online, we’ll send on their welcome pack and they only need to get in touch if the details are wrong.  Over recent weeks we’ve seen a big increase in the number of employees getting in touch to tell us their details are wrong and requesting updated documentation.

Using incorrect information certainly isn’t ideal and it’s not setting either of us up for a long and healthy relationship, but there’s also more serious implications which can impact your employees further down the line.  To help us break this approach, we’ve pulled out the common errors we’re seeing.

Key details to check when adding a new employee:

Here is some key information to check and make sure is correct before uploading a new employee:

  • Full name – We’re seeing lots of employees added where either their forename is abbreviated or their middle name is missing. Please tell us their full name.
  • Gender choice – It’s important we capture this to make sure we’re using the correct salutation, but it also impacts pension benefit calculations. Make sure the gender box is completed.
  • Full address including postcode – We want to make sure we’re writing to them at their correct address. Check you’ve added their full postal address.
  • Permanent National Insurance number – We need this before we can collect any tax relief on contributions.  Make sure you’re uploading their correct number.

Do you need a bit more support and help?

With everything we’ve gone through over the last couple of years, you may have experienced some changes within your business.  Whether you’ve changed who manages your scheme on a day to day basis or your scheme administrator needs some refresher training – we can help.

We’re working on some changes to our online system and supporting materials that will go live later in the year and we’ll be back in touch to tell you about these, but in the meantime get in touch with our Web support team and they’re happy to help.