We're awarding Profitshare

As a mutual, we believe our customers should share in our success.

So we're giving your qualifying employees' pension savings a little boost by sharing our profits for the fifth year running.

Our latest ProfitShare award 


We'll share £146m of our profits with our customers.


Around 1.8m customers will be awarded ProfitShare.


We’ll boost unit-linked customers’ retirement savings by 0.15%.

* This is based on year end December 2020 and includes awards made to with profits customers. These customers will receive a 1.2% enhancement in 2021.

You can find out more about how Profitshare works and who qualifies here.

Our fifth year of ProfitShare

Given the economic conditions and challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, we're delighted to be able to award ProfitShare. And this year we're proud to be sharing £146m with our customers.

It's important we strike the right balance between investing in our business, maintaining our robust financial position and the level of any ProfitShare award. We believe taking this approach helps you and your employees have confidence in Royal London.

We'll continue to take this approach to make sure we support good outcomes for customers. 

However, if we don’t make enough profit or our working capital is below target, we may not be able to award ProfitShare in that year, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to award ProfitShare every year.

Mutuality defines us

We have a five-year track record of awarding ProfitShare – but we never lose sight of the fact that sharing our profits is just one way we express our mutuality.

Our mutual status defines everything we do. From the way we determine our charges to how we impact society at large – we’re able to make the right decisions for our customers because we're a member-owned business.

Investing for the future

Being able to invest consistently in our business is another privilege afforded to us by our mutual status. We can choose to use our profits to make improvements to our products and services - making a real difference to you and your employees.