Remember to pass on your employee’s National Insurance number

24 May 2021
It’s good practice to keep your employee’s details up to date but it can also help reduce administration further down the line.

To help make sure we’ve got up to date details for your employee’s, we’d ask that when you're adding a new entrant to your scheme, that you tell us their National Insurance number.

Having this information up front, helps make sure we’ve got all the information we need when we’re allocating the contributions to their plan, but it also helps reduce additional administration further down the line when employees decide how they want to use their savings and choose the income drawdown path.

If for some reason you don’t manage to get their National Insurance number at the time you add them to the scheme, we’ll write to remind you and you can update their details online.

If you’ve any questions or want to share any updated details over the phone, contact your usual Customer Service team.