New mobile app features – now live

1 October 2021
Your employees can now add and view beneficiaries to their pension plan using our mobile app.

We've updated our mobile app, so your employees can now view and add beneficiaries through the mobile app.  

We’ve updated our employee promotional material so you can use them to share the news with your employees. These engaging materials can help you promote the benefits of nominating a beneficiary.  

Mobile app demos

We’ve also created three new demo videos which support the recent enhancement we’ve made to the app about transferring savings into a Royal London plan.  It’s quick and easy to do a transfer via the app, but if any of your employees want to find out more, you can share these videos with them.

Completing a transfer on our mobile app (execution only) 

Completing a transfer on our mobile app (direct offer)

Requesting a transfer pack on our mobile app (execution only)