Stay on track with your employer duties

14 January 2020
Let us help you get 2020 off to a great start.

A new calendar year's a great opportunity to make sure you’re up to speed with your employer duties around making your contributions on time.

Your employees can now see their pension contributions on our mobile app whenever they want to take a look. So you’ll want to make sure they're receiving their contributions into their pension when they expect. 

Your payment dates

Once you deduct contributions from your employee’s pay, you should pay them into your workplace pension scheme no later than the 19th of the next month to ensure they clear before the 22nd.

The Pensions Regulator set the dates you need to make your contributions by. Making their deadline is important, as they can fine employers for late or missed payments.

Supporting you

Our employer dashboard helps makes sure you’re meeting your employer duties and stay on the right side of the law. It reminds you to make your contribution when you login, so you’ve got plenty of notice to arrange your payment. 

Once you mark the task as done, you won't be reminded again.

We also send your registered scheme administrator email reminders when your payments are due. Make sure your scheme administrator email address is correct in the dashboard so you get these reminders. 

Your dedicated servicing team also review the health of your scheme on a regular basis, and if they find any issues they'll help get things back on track. If you do miss a payment, they'll give you a call. 


If you have any questions, speak to your dedicated servicing team who will be happy to help.