Powering up your workplace pension

26 November 2020
We’ve made it easy for you to engage your employees in your workplace pension.

Research shows that 72% of employees are not actively engaged with their workplace pension, and that 28% admit that they never review their pension and try not to think about it at all.1

We know you’ll want your employees to see the benefits of your investment in them and understand what a valuable asset their Royal London pension is. To help we’ve developed a toolkit with some key materials and campaigns you can download which aim to improve your employees' pensions knowledge and understanding.

Making it easy

Each campaign in the toolkit encourages your employees to take some simple actions helping them to keep their pension on track, learn more about how pensions work and set some retirement goals.

Suggested campaigns

To keep your employees engaged and on track for the retirement they want, we’ve started off with materials for five suggested campaigns:

  • How your pension works – Helping your employees find out more about their pension.
  • The secret life of pensions - A campaign to help your employees understand what happens to their pension contribution after it leaves their pay packet.
  • Keeping an eye on things - Letting your employees know of the different ways they can keep up to date with their pension plan.
  • Single contributions – Information on how your employees can make the most of tax relief with a single contribution into their pension plan.
  • Passing your pension on – A reminder to your employees to let us know who we should pass their pension on to after they’re gone.

And we’ll be regularly updating the toolkit with more materials and campaigns throughout the year.

Take a look

You can download the toolkit now to get started. It also sits on your employer hub where you can also find a range of other support materials to help you make the most of your company’s workplace pension.

1. Atlas, 2018 ‘Why engagement needs a reality check’