Getting members engaged from the start

29 September 2020
Great communication and engagement is vital within a scheme. And to help engage workplace pension scheme members with their savings from the very start, we’re introducing a new Member details pack.

We’ve introduced this new pack into our existing suite of member engagement materials, and we’ll start sending it to new employees from 7th October. We’ll use this pack to playback their personal details, so it’s important they read over the information carefully and let us know if any of their details are wrong and need to be amended.

The new Member details pack includes:

Who’ll receive the new pack?

If you’ve a group personal pension or a group stakeholder pension scheme, we’ll send this pack to new employees joining your scheme for the first time or existing employees being re-enrolled back into the scheme. There are a few exceptions where employees won’t get a pack. This includes anyone who:

  • hasn’t been assessed yet
  • is eligible to join, but has decided to opt out
  • isn’t eligible to join your scheme and hasn’t opted in.
  • is already an existing member of the scheme.

Updating their information

If we have the correct information, your employees don’t need to do anything.

However if it’s not and we need to update their details, they can give us their up to date details online or by completing the enclosed form. Once we’ve updated their details, we’ll play these back to them once again.

Within the letter, we’ll let them how they can get in touch with us if they have any questions.

Why are we introducing this new pack now?

We’re always looking to improve how we communicate with our customers on an ongoing basis and we’re starting with the welcome experience. 

Engaging with members early in the journey helps manage expectations so they know what’s going to happen when, but equally, they’re clear on their responsibilities about letting us know when things aren’t quite right. For example, telling us if their details are wrong before we claim tax relief on their pension contributions. 

It’s important that we maintain up to date details for all of our customers. And we’ve recognised that from when you assess an employee to join your scheme to when they receive their welcome pack, there can be a delay and their details can change.

You don’t need to do anything

There’s nothing extra that you need to do. We’ll send this pack to those members who we’ve already said will receive it. It’ll arrive after their statutory joining communication material and generally before their welcome pack.

All they need to do is read through the material and tell us if any of their details need updating. If they do, we’ve made it easy for them to do this online and we’ll give them all the information and links in their pack. 

Need to know more?

If you or your employees have any questions and want to find out more, speak to your usual Royal London contact.