We’ve enhanced your employees’ annual statements

17 September 2019
In 2018 we re-launched our annual statements with a fresh and modern new design. We’ve made some improvements for this year, and made them available to more schemes.

Our redesigned annual statements have been well received by employees so far, and we’re now rolling out the new look statements for company pension schemes too.

We’re always looking to improve our communications and respond to customer feedback, so we’ve made a few changes to the statements for the year ahead.

What’s changed?

If your scheme is a Group Personal Pension plan (GPP) or Group Stakeholder Pension plan (GSHR):

  • We’ve re-ordered some of the information included in the statement, to improve the flow.
  • Your employees will now find their plan number at the top of the document for easy access.
  • And we’ve added some information about how to download our mobile app, to help employees engage with their plan throughout the year.

If your scheme is a company pension scheme:

Trustees will receive their members’ new look annual statements from 12 August 2019. You can take a look at the new statements below.

We’ve also created a new summary document that the scheme trustees will be sent, along with their members’ statements, when the scheme renewal completes. We’ll write to trustees to let them know more about this

Take a look at the new statements 

When will my employees get their statement?

We’ll send these out to your employees once a year, at your usual scheme renewal date. If you want to check when they'll get their statements, speak to your usual Royal London contact.

Additional support

We know that receiving an annual statement through the letterbox often prompts employees to take a closer look at whether they’re on track. 

They can find more information about their pension on their pension scheme website, and download our mobile app to keep an eye on their savings throughout the year too. And for a deeper conversation, we'll always direct them to a financial adviser.