We’ve launched our new mobile app

15 April 2019
We’re doing more to help your employees see the value of their pension savings and if they’re on track for the retirement they want.

They can now keep an eye on their plan whenever they like, using our new mobile app. 

Pensions are a big investment for an employer, so we know you want it to be valued. Through regular engagement with their pension savings, your employees will understand the real value of a pension and how important saving is.

The app lets them see what you’ve paid into their pension savings, alongside their own contributions and the taxman's. So they’ll really see your investment in them as valuable part of their benefit package.

How it works

Watch our animation to take a look at the app:

Setting up a pension scheme for your employees is a big investment. So it’s important they see it as a huge part of the benefit package you provide.

Our mobile app helps them see the value of their pension savings and if they’re on track for the retirement they want.

It shows what their pension savings are worth now, and their contributions. Including what you pay in and the tax man too.

They’ll be able to see how their savings are performing, any charges they’ve paid and any ProfitShare we’ve awarded.

The app also helps your employees look ahead, to see what their pension savings could be worth when they retire.

To find out more about our mobile app, speak to your adviser or visit our website.

A deeper conversation

We believe in the value of financial advice, and that regular engagement with their pension savings is a natural stepping stone to your employees looking a little closer at whether they’re really on track. So we’ll always direct them back to an adviser for a deeper conversation about their retirement goals.

Support materials for you

You can download materials to use with your employees to let them know about the app: 

Letting your employees know

They’ll be able to download the app from the App Store, and Google Play. We’ll update the pension scheme website and include information about the app in our May member newsletter.

If you’d like some printed copies of our poster and leaflet, send us a note of how many you’d like and where to send them. And to find out more about the app, take a look at our FAQs.