Mobile App: Frequently asked questions

15 April 2019
We’ve created some FAQs to help you and your employees with our mobile app.

Who can use the app?

Your employees that are part of your workplace pension scheme, and registered on our online service can use the app. If they aren't registered for online service, the app will guide them through a short registration process. They will need to have their plan number handy - they'll find it in their welcome pack and annual statements. 

Customers with protection plans won’t see these on the app.

What devices does the app work on?

We’ve tested our app on a wide range of devices, and we support the following operating systems:

  • iOS 11 and above
  • Android 6 and above

Your employees can check on their phone if their operating system is within this range. If they have an earlier operating system, they’ll need to upgrade it to be able to download the app.

How do my employees get the app?

They can download the app onto their device from the App Store (for Apple devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).

The app will then ask them to login using their online service details. If they don't have login details they can register using online service. 

Does the app support face and fingerprint recognition (also known as biometrics)?

Yes – the app lets employees that have this feature on their phone log in to the app using their fingerprint or face recognition. This will work across both IOS and Android devices.

Some devices offer face and fingerprint recognition, some only offer fingerprint recognition and some don’t support these features. It will depend on the type of device the employee has.

What happens if their phone doesn’t recognise the face or fingerprint used when they try to log in?

Your employee will then have to use their password to login, but the app will remember their email address.

My employee can’t login to the app. Why is this?

If they haven’t yet registered on online service, they won’t be able to login. They should register first, then login to the app.

If they’ve already registered but it’s been a while since they last logged in, they may need to update their password.

From time to time we do maintenance to keep our systems running smoothly, and the app may need to be offline for a short period. If this happens, employees will see a message to let them know the service is unavailable and they should try again later.

How do my employees reset their password?

If they’ve entered their login details incorrectly 3 times, an email will be sent to their registered email address asking them to reset their password.

If they’ve forgotten their password, they can update it using the forgotten password link on online service and in the app.

How do my employees unlock their online service access if it’s been locked?

They’ll need to get in touch with customer services so they can investigate. There may be a reason they can’t access their plan, or we may need to reset their access.

My employee has logged in but can’t see (one of) their plans. Why is this?

If this happens, your employees can get in touch with our customer service team who can investigate further.

What does the app do?

The app lets your employees view:

  • what their pension savings are worth now
  • their contributions for the last 12 months, including tax relief from the government and any employer contributions
  • how their savings are performing
  • any ProfitShare we may have awarded
  • any charges they’ve paid
  • what their pension savings could be worth when they retire

Employees that have taken an income from their plan will also be able to see this using the app.

When will my employee’s contributions show on the app?

Regular contributions will be displayed shortly after they’ve been paid. Transfer contributions will be displayed as soon as they are received, and added to their plan by our customer services team.

How does the app know when my employee is due to retire?

We have their chosen retirement age on our records and the app uses the date and time on their phone to calculate the length of time until their retirement date.

Can my employees make changes to their plan on the app?

The current version of the app is view only, so they won’t be able to make changes.




How can I tell my employees about the app

You'll find some support materials on our Pension Matters page that you can use to let your employees know.

Will you be developing new features for the app in the future?

Yes, we're currently working on the next developments and listening to customer feedback too. We'll keep you up to date as we release new features.

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