Your pension website

18 January 2019
Your employees have access to a dedicated website to help them manage their pension. Here we have a look at how it can help them.

As part of your Royal London pension scheme, all your employees have access to a pension website which provides useful information about your group pension scheme.

Making it easy

The website uses clear and easy to understand graphics and videos to explain how a pension works and some of the benefits it can offer your employees. It contains information on making contributions as well as details on investing retirement savings and their options at retirement.

Planning tools

Our four online planning tools can help your employees make decisions about their pension and their options for the future:

Lifestyle planner 

The planner helps your employees see how much they could save by cutting down on little luxuries we all take for granted.

Retirement planner 

Take a look at your employees’ existing pension to see if they’re on track for a comfortable retirement. They can also carry out a quick comparison to see what effect making a few changes to their retirement plans might have.

Quick pension calculator 

Your employees can use this tool to see how much of a pension they will get depending on their contribution levels and when they want to retire.
(Not available for salary exchange schemes)

Risk profiler

Helps your employees get an idea of their attitude to risk. Once they understand this it’s much easier to see what investment options are the most suitable.
(Not available for salary exchange schemes)

You can find these tools on your pension website.

Online service

Your employees can use your pension website to access our award-winning online service and manage their own plan online. For example, by logging in, your employees can check the value of their plan, make changes to their personal details and switch investments.

It’s a good idea to remind your employees of the benefits of the pension website. The start of a new year can be a great time for them to make sure they’re on track and think about saving more for their future.

What’s next?

In each issue of your Pension Matters email we’ll focus on a different area of the pension website with an article full of helpful hints and tips for you and your employees.