Changes to our auto enrolment system

We’re making some changes to our yearly review process to make it easier for you to keep your employee information up to date.

Each year, we send your employees’ an informative annual statement, to tell them how their retirement savings are doing. To help make sure these statements are accurate, we ask you to review your employees’ information on our auto enrolment system. We’re making some changes to this yearly review process to make it easier for you to  keep your employee information up to date.  

What’s changed?

You’ll now see a task on your auto enrolment dashboard six weeks before your review date, reminding you to review your employees’ details, such as their salary and contribution rates. We’ll remind you again on your review date and one month after your review date.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see on your dashboard. 

If you’ve requested to receive email or letter reminders, we’ll send you these too.

What if you have no changes to make?

Even if you have no updates to make please login to your dashboard to let us know that you have no changes so that we can issue your employees yearly statements on time.

What support is available?

We've created a handy guide to help you complete your yearly review tasks. If you have any questions, simply get in touch with your dedicated customer service team. 

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