We’ve boosted your qualifying employees’ retirement savings by 0.18%

As a mutual, we believe our members and customers should share in our success – so when we do well, we’ll aim to boost your employees’ retirement savings. We call it ProfitShare – and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Last year, we extended our ProfitShare award to more of our pension customers - sharing a whopping £114m of our profits with more than 950,000 customers and members. 

After a very successful 2017, we’re delighted to have shared even more of our profits with our members and customers on 1 April 2018.

How we shared our success

  • Over 1.2m customers shared in our success.
  • We shared £142m with our customers and members.
  • We boosted the retirement savings of qualifying unit-linked customers by 0.18%.

Your employees' ProfitShare award

We awarded ProfitShare to your qualifying employees who held a plan with us on 31 December 2017, and still held a plan with us on 1 April 2018.

They can find details of their ProfitShare award by logging into online service and on their yearly statement.

Remember, even if their ProfitShare award is small today, over time, their awards could grow as their retirement savings grow. Of course, while there's a chance your employees' retirement savings could grow, their value can also go down. This means they could get back less than what they put in. 

They’ll find more information about ProfitShare, including an example to help bring it to life, on your pension website.

Why we choose to share our profits

As a mutual, we want to help our members and customers achieve their retirement goals. By giving them a slice of our profits, they’ll see their retirement savings grow and feel the benefit of being a valued member of Royal London.

And while we can’t guarantee that we can award ProfitShare every year, once we’ve awarded it, it’s your employee’s to keep.

Find out more about ProfitShare and how it works. You can also download our ProfitShare leaflet, which you might also want to share with your employees.

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