Introducing our sustainable fund range

9 August 2018
As part of our commitment to being a responsible investor, your employees can now access a range of sustainable funds managed by our sister asset management company Royal London Asset Management (RLAM).

Our five new sustainable funds mean your employees can express their values - by investing in companies whose main focus is to make a positive contribution to our society and environment. These companies have been picked out by RLAM’s Responsible Investment team.

There are several benefits of the new funds:

  • Five multi asset funds to choose from
  • Good value for money – the funds are available at no extra charge to workplace pension customers*
  • The funds have over £1.7bn in assets under management**
  • Expertly managed by Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) who has over 25 years’ experience in running sustainable funds
  • Overseen by an independent external advisory committee

We’re proud to be able to make a bigger impact in helping your employees achieve their goals while helping to make our world a better, fairer and greener place.

Watch our animation to find out more:

For more information please visit our investment pages

* The basic charge is 1% p.a., which is built into the fund price. For all customers, a discount is applied which depends on the value of the investment.

** As at 31.05.2018

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