Submitting contributions online

9 August 2018
We've listened to feedback and made some improvements to our online service.

What changes have we made?

Outstanding assessments alert

If you use our system to assess your employees, we'll tell you about any outstanding assessments so you can complete them before submitting your monthly contribution. Simply select the Perform assessment button to go to the Assess screen and complete the assessment.

outstanding assessments alert

Of course, you can continue to submit your contribution without completing the assessments if you want to. However, we recommend that you do this before you submit your contribution so that your pension scheme records are up to date and we can issue worker communications to employees who are eligible to join your scheme.

Improved screen design

We've introduced colour coding to the Review schedule screen, so you can quickly see if anything needs your attention before you submit your monthly contribution. You'll find a quick summary of what these colours mean below.

review schedule screen

  • Red status - We can't apply a contribution, so we'll remove it from the contribution schedule. We already do this for employees who have opted out of your scheme. We'll now do this for employees who are over age 75, under age 16 or who work overseas. Removing the contribution means we won't need to refund it at a later date.
  • Amber status - We'll accept the contribution, but we might need more information from you to apply the contribution and issue worker communications without delay. We'll let you know what details are missing and we've added an Edit worker link, so you can make the updates straight away.
  • Green status - Contributions are as we expected and no action is needed.

If you use our system to assess your employees, we've added a new section to tell you about any employees who have a contribution on your schedule, but haven't been assessed yet. Simply select the Perform assessment button to go to the Assess screen and complete the assessment.

Will this change the way I submit contributions?

No - none of these changes will affect the way you make contributions. You can continue to submit your contributions in the same.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your dedicated customer service team.
We have more improvements planned and we'll tell you about them before they're introduced.

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