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23 July 2018
We’ve identified some top tips to help you run your scheme.

We understand that you’re busy and time is precious, so we want to make it quick and easy for you to run your pension scheme. We’ve identified some top tips for you based on some of the feedback and questions we’re most commonly asked by employers on auto enrolment. 

Your data should be in a CSV file which is a data file you can use to upload your employee contribution schedules, assessment files and information to online service.

You can create a CSV file from your existing payroll data or create a blank file using excel – the format to be used is .csv (comma-delimited). To help with this, we've created a handy guide for creating a CSV file.

If you’re using our system to assess your employees, then any new employees should be added onto the online service within six weeks of their start date. You can do this via the ‘Add Workers’ tab on your dashboard. Have a look at our guides on everything you need to do to manage your scheme when using our system.

If you're using another system, like an in-house payroll system to assess your employees, you'll need to follow a different process. We have a range of online guides on this to help you.

If you're using our system to assess your employees, they'll either receive a joining pack or a postponement notice from us. The type of communication they get depends on whether your scheme's using postponement or not.

You can postpone the enrolment of a new employee for a maximum of three months from their company start date.  At the end of the postponement period, you should assess the employee using their gross pay. To help, we’ve created a set of step by step videos.

On most occasions, you'll make your employee's first contribution through the online service from the payroll period after the one that was used to assess them.

For example, if you assessed your employee using January’s salary their first contribution would be from February’s salary. If you pay your employees weekly or fortnightly, then their contribution would be from the pay following the one they were assessed on. You'll be alerted on your dashboard when your contributions are due.

It’s important to remember that employees can legally bypass their postponement period and join your scheme early without being assessed. The same rule will apply here; a contribution would be taken from their salary on the following pay period after they've opted-in.

If you’re not using postponement then a contribution should be taken from your employees' salary the month after they start.

Each month you might have to assess any new employees to see if they're eligible to join your scheme. The Pensions Regulator has more information on eligibility guidelines.  

What’s next?

If you're looking for further support or you're unsure how to complete another task, download our user guide or watch one of our videos

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