Our free financial wellbeing service

Improve your employee benefits package and help them take greater control of their financial future, with our financial wellbeing service.

Our financial wellbeing service gives your employees access to ongoing financial education and guidance, to help improve their financial knowledge, confidence and wellbeing.

And the best part? There’s no extra cost to you or your employees, so it’s a great way to show you care about their financial wellbeing whilst reinforcing the value they can get from their pension scheme.

It can be difficult to know when and how you should spend and save your money. Our financial wellbeing service is designed to help you with all money-related matters by providing engaging and personalised guidance that's most relevant to you and your financial needs.

Whether you need support with reducing your bills, guidance on building your savings or where you should start with buying your first home, our financial wellbeing service is there to lend a helping hand.

It's easy to get started, simply access the service by logging in to your Royal London online service account, if it’s your first login you just need to register on the Royal London website.

Or head to the tools section of the Royal London mobile app. If you're not registered yet, you'll just need your plan number to hand.
The first time you log in you'll need to complete the financial health check, an interactive chat that helps to build a holistic picture of your finances. Simply answer a series of multiple choice questions about your finances - including your spending, borrowing, and saving and we'll calculate your financial wellbeing score.

Based on your answers and score the service creates a personalised dashboard with a range of tailored topics to help you better understand your finances. You'll be presented with the most relevant topics for your personal circumstances, each topic is then broken into easily manageable chunks so you can read at your own pace.

So, what can you do on the service? You can read engaging articles and guides and watch videos) on the topics that matter to you, including planning for retirement, building up your savings and managing debt.

You'll also have access to a number of interactive tools, like our retirement options calculator so you can visualise what life might look like when you reach retirement and our free benefits calculator, which checks over 30 different benefits available in the UK to see if you're entitled to any of the billions of pounds of government benefits that go unclaimed each year.

The service is designed around you and your needs, so if your circumstances change you can take the financial health check again to update your score and evolve your dashboard and tasks to improve your ongoing financial future.

Log in to online service or the Royal London mobile app to access your financial wellbeing service today and start to take control of your finances.

Financial wellbeing service at a glance

Free financial guidance

Personalised experience

Supports employee wellbeing

Adds value to your employees benefits package

Can help build business resilience

What are the benefits for you and your employees?

There’s a growing responsibility for everyone to save for later life. And although retirement choices can often feel complex, many workplace pension customers don’t have access to financial guidance or advice.1

Our focus is on helping all of our customers - achieve a good standard of living by helping them take control of their financial future.

1 Royal London Financial resilience research, Feb 2022. Q: Which of the following sources have you used in the last 2 years for support or advice with financial matters? (Base: 1421).

By providing a workplace pension scheme with free access to a financial wellbeing service, you can:

  • Support your employees’ wellbeing.
  • Add value to your overall benefits package, increasing engagement and sign up to your workplace pension scheme.
  • If five or more employees are using the service, you can use the report to get some insight about how your employees are feeling about their finances.  The report won't go into specific details on employee circumstances. 
  • Drive real business objectives such as increased productivity, reduced stress or anxiety related absence, and increased staff retention.
  • Build your business resilience.

Your employees get access to:

  • Free financial guidance and education to help manage debt, budgeting, long-term saving and retirement planning.
  • A personalised experience - they’ll only see content that’s relevant to them. 
  • A benefits calculator to check if they're missing out on money they're entitled to.
  •  A pension planning calculator to show how much money they could get when they retire, based on their current pension savings and contributions.
  • A retirement options calculator, to help them understand how much money they could get when they retire, what age they could retire based on their finances and the options available to them when it's time to take their money.
  • Life events content with tips and guidance to help employees prepare and budget for the major milestones in life - like having a baby or buying their first home.
  • Guidance that’s easily accessible at any time.

We’ll also help them understand if they could benefit from professional advice and if they don’t have one, tell them how to find a financial adviser.

Tell your employees about our financial wellbeing service

You can raise awareness of this service, and help your employees understand the benefits, with our suite of employee engagement materials:

It’s an interactive online tool where employees can access free financial guidance.

When they first access it, employees complete a financial health check, which consists of multiple-choice questions.

They’re then presented with a financial health check score and personal dashboard highlighting areas of strength and improvement. The dashboard also contains curated topics tailored to their financial circumstances, with bite sized tasks that employees then complete.                                                   

Each task begins with a conversational chat to allow us to ensure we give them the most relevant content. 

They’re then presented with a suite of engaging and relevant content such as guides, infographics, videos and interactive tools to encourage learning and help them understand more about the topics that matter to them.

It’s available to all our pension customers, including those who have left employment but still have their workplace pension plan in place.

They can access it through online service or the mobile app. If they’ve still to register they’ll need their plan number to hand.