Achieving good outcomes, with strong engagement

We're focused on helping you and your employees achieve good financial outcomes now and in retirement, and believe clear and simple communication plays a key role in doing this.

When you choose a Royal London workplace pension scheme, we'll work with you to create a strong employee engagement strategy that'll help keep your employees engaged in their pension throughout the lifetime of your scheme.

You'll have access to a range of online tools and resources to share with your employees, and we'll help them to understand their pension and when to take action, so they benefit fully from it.


We'll help you raise awareness of your new scheme so your employees know what to expect and when. We'll even add your own branding to some digital and printed materials, at no extra cost.

Our support materials webpage has a range of employee engagement materials to help you engage your employees, and help them understand how to make the most of their workplace pension and improve their financial resilience.

Plus our direct offer toolkit can help those considering transferring their pensions savings to understand what they need to do and when.

You'll also be able to manage any statutory communications through our online service.

We believe timely and relevant communication helps engage employees with their pension so from the moment they join their scheme, through to retirement, they'll receive:  

  • A welcome pack with useful information about their new pension.
  • Emails to confirm their first contribution payment, explain how to download our mobile app and encourage them to register beneficiaries using our mobile app or online form.
  • Information on transferring existing pension savings.
  • An invitation to sign up to our financial wellbeing service.
  • Retirement reminders, with information on their options and the support available, from age 50, then every 5 years.

They'll also get yearly statements, including video statements designed to help your employees understand where their money is invested, how it's performing, and what it could look like at retirement.

If they have the mobile app and they choose to have mobile notifications turned on, or are signed up to our email newsletter 'Pelican Post', they'll hear from us about things like ProfitShare awards, upcoming webinars and competitions. Plus gentle nudges to check in regularly on their savings.

Connecting employees with their pension

Once your employees have joined your pension scheme, they can keep track of their savings or access helpful information and guidance through our mobile app or employee hub.


Employer newsletter

We’ll send you our regular newsletter ('Pension Matters') by email, which is packed full of information to help you keep on top of your duties as well as content you can share with your employees.

These could include details on any enhancements we're making, legislation changes or support material you can share to reignite the pension spark with your employees.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about how we can support you and your employees with your workplace scheme, speak to your financial adviser.