Make a contribution

Using our online contribution payment facility you don't have to worry about your schedule or payment being lost or delayed in the post and you'll get an on-screen acknowledgment when you submit your payment.

How to submit a contribution

Select 'Submit Contribution Schedule' using either of the links as highlighted in the image below to take you to the contribution schedule menu.

screengrab, showing you how to submit the contribution payment schedule

Select either 'Pre-fill Schedule from Previous Month's Data' or 'Pre-fill Schedule from Payroll Data' depending on whether you have the details on a spreadsheet or not.

Pre-fill Schedule from Previous Month's Data

  1. Select Pre-fill Schedule from Previous Month's Data.
  2. The schedule page will open where you can amend any payment amounts if required.
  3. Once all the details are correct and the total equals the amount you want to pay select submit below the schedule then click continue.
  4. Click continue on the validation pages which follow.

Pre-fill Schedule from Payroll Data

  1. If you have the payment details already on a spreadsheet you can select Pre-fill Schedule from Payroll Data.
  2. This will allow you to upload the file containing the information, match the header fields to the corresponding fields on our online service then add the payment.

Please refer to your scheme administration guide if you would like more detailed instructions on submitting a payment. The administration guide link is on the left hand navigation bar - as shown in the image above.


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