Investment factsheets and prices

We aim to provide access to a comprehensive range of funds and fund managers through all of the Royal London contracts.

It is important that you understand the potential risks associated with our funds. Our factsheets should be read in conjunction with our Guide to Fund Risks.

Factsheets for our Governed Portfolios and Lifestyle Strategies can be found under Governed range factsheets

  • Not all funds are available for all products.
  • The following pension plans are Single priced - Pension Portfolio Plans (Personal Pension, Core Investments for Self Invested Personal Pension & Income Release Plans), Individual Pension Plans (Executive, Section 32 & Stakeholder Plans), Retirement Solutions Plans (Group Personal Pension, Group Stakeholder, Company Pension and Individual Pension Plans).
    • Contracts have a single price at which you buy and sell units, also known as the bid price, shown in the table below.
  • Other types of pension plans have an offer price at which you buy units and a bid price at which you sell units.
  • Your policy documents will explain which of these prices applies to your policy.
  • A switch request will normally be effected at prices published on the second business day after we receive it. However in particular circumstances we may defer a switch request, as stated in policy conditions