Get your data ready

Our implementation managers are experts in what data we need from you to set up your scheme - so you know you’re in safe hands.

It’s really important that the data you send us is accurate and up to date, so that we can set up your workers on our system. We’ve materials to help you with this and remember, your implementation manager can answer any of your questions.

During this phase

Your implementation manager will:  

  • Set up an online meeting to explain what data we need from you
  • Supply you with a data template and a data guide
  • Check you can provide the data in the correct format
  • Let you know if you need to make changes to the data

You’ll need to: 

  • Establish where you’ll get your data from and who you’ll work with to get your data ready
  • Review the support materials below and join a call to understand what data we need from you
  • Check that the data you send to us is accurate
  • Send us your final data.

Support materials for this stage

 Data template
To ensure your data is
in the right format, here’s our
data template.

 Worker data guide
Our data formatting guide will help you understand the correct format to supply your data in.

It's really important that your data is accurate at this stage, so please take care when filling out the template.

You may need to use other data templates once your scheme is up and running e.g. bulk updates. If so, your implementation manager can send these to you or they're available here.

What's next?

Next, we’ll show you the ropes so that you can learn how to run your scheme.
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