Start your journey

Moving your scheme might seem like a daunting task. But your implementation manager will tell you what’s going to happen at every step.

Firstly they’ll introduce themselves and tell you a bit about what’s to come. They'll provide you with everything you need and can answer any questions.

Things you need to do:  

  • Decide who needs to be involved from your business throughout the implementation process, and make sure they can attend your first call with your implementation manager.
  • Be clear about what information we need you to capture ahead of your first call.  

At the end of this step, you’ll:

  • Know who your dedicated implementation manager is.
  • Have an understanding of the process, so you know what’s involved and what you need to do next.
  • Be ready for your first call with your implementation manager.

And remember, if there’s anything you want to know about the set up process or any of our support materials, you can ask your implementation manager at any time.

Support material

So you're ready for the next step, have a look at some of our support material items.

We’ve created demo videos which bring our system to life. But don’t worry, we’ll provide one-to-one training later in the implementation process, so you’re fully up to speed on what you need to do.

Take a look at our implementation plan that describes each step of the process, and outlines the roles and responsibilities for you and for us. You can download this to refer to along the way.


You can use our scheme factfind document to help you prepare for your stage two call with your implementation manager.


What's next?

Next we'll make sure we capture all of your scheme details correctly with your scheme fact find.
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