Start your journey

At the beginning of the journey, your implementation manager will introduce themselves and tell you a bit about what's to come, answering any questions you may have.

During this phase

Your implementation manager will:  

  • Contact you and your adviser to introduce themselves 
  • Explain the implementation process
  • Arrange a call to go through your scheme fact find
  • Provide support material to help you get ready

You’ll need to: 

  • Decide who you’ll need to involve during the implementation process
  • Review the support material below
  • Get ready for your scheme fact find call

Support materials for this stage

Implementation plan
Take a look at our implementation plan that describes each step of the process. You can download this to refer to along the way.

Scheme fact find
You can use our scheme fact find document to help you prepare for your stage two call with your implementation manager.


What's next?

Next, we’ll start to gather information to set your scheme up.
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