Run your scheme

Once you’re up and running, the personal touch doesn’t end there. Your implementation manager will suggest a review to make sure you’re confident running your scheme. Then, once you’re ready, they’ll pass you over to our dedicated servicing team who are just a phone call away if you need them.

During this phase

Your implementation manager will:  

  • Make sure you’re comfortable running your scheme
  • Answer any final questions you have
  • Give you an opportunity to feedback on your implementation experience
  • Introduce you to our dedicated servicing team

You’ll need to: 

  • Keep a note of the details for our dedicated servicing team in case you need them
  • Provide us with feedback on your experience so far, if you’re happy to do so
  • Review the support materials below

Support materials for this stage

For you

Take a look at our employer newsletter and website. They’ll help keep you up to date while running your scheme.

For your employees

You can encourage your employees to sign up to our newsletter and have a look at our webinars for support with their pension.

Keeping you compliant

There are also a few things you’ll need to do to meet your ongoing duties as part of running your scheme. We’ll help keep you compliant with our online service and support materials.

  • Our online service will automatically issue your statutory communications at the point you complete your processes online.
  • Every 18 months, you'll need to re-confirm your scheme's certification. Our online service will generate this for you, and you'll need to sign and keep it in a safe place.
  • Every three years, you'll need to re-enrol any members who have opted out of your scheme and re-declare your scheme's compliance. We’ve a range of support materials that can help you with this when the time comes.