Get your data ready

Our implementation managers are experts in what data we need from you to set up your scheme - so you know you’re in safe hands.

They’ll talk you through the steps, supply easy to use templates and highlight things to watch out for when you’re preparing your data. They’ll even test the data to make sure it’s in the right format for our system.

Things you need to do:

  • Join your implementation manager on a call to understand our data requirements.
  • Establish who you need to work with to ensure you have the correct data ready to supply.

By the end of this step, you’ll have:

  • Had a call with your implementation manager to understand the data we need.
  • Established where you’ll get your data from.
  • Sent your final data over to us so we can upload it to our system.

Support material

To ensure you data is in the right format, here's the data template you'll need:

What data do I need to supply?Template 
Existing member data Download template

You may need to use other data templates once your scheme is up and running. If so, your implementation manager can send these over to you.

Our data formatting guide will help you understand the correct formats to supply your data in.

 Member data guide

Use this guide to help you give us your data when you re-enrol existing active members into your new scheme.

What's next?

Next we’ll train you on how to use our award-winning online service.
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