Employer declaration

You (the Employer) are operating the relief at source method for tax relief on employee contributions (contributions deducted from pay after tax is taken). We (Royal London) need you to provide some further confirmations before you can submit your employee data.

We need you to confirm the following so that we can claim tax relief on your employees’ contributions from HM Revenue & Customs. Please note that by completing this declaration you’re confirming that these statements are correct for each employee for whom the relief at source method of tax relief is being operated included in current employee data submissions, any previous employee data submissions, and all future employee data submissions.

If you cannot confirm the statements for each of those employees, you need to contact us and let us know.

Declaration by Employer

On behalf of the Employer I confirm that:

  • All individuals included on our employee data submissions are (or were) employed by us.
  • Other than for any employees for whom we’ve told you we’re operating the salary exchange method of tax relief, any contributions deducted from an employee’s  pensionable earnings have been deducted correctly, i.e., after PAYE has been applied, to allow us to claim tax relief at source.
  • Any contributions on which our employees are entitled to tax relief paid into any registered pension scheme (including this one) in a tax year will not exceed £3,600 gross (£2,880 net) or their relevant UK earnings - whichever is higher.
  • Any declarations made or information provided to Royal London about our employees, including their names, addresses, dates of birth and (where applicable) their National Insurance numbers, are correct and complete to the best of our knowledge.
  • If our employee’s circumstances change and they are no longer entitled to tax relief on their contributions, we will notify Royal London within 30 days or by the 5 April in the tax year in which the change takes place.

Please tick the following box to confirm your agreement to the statements in this declaration and click Submit below.

By ticking this box, you confirm that you are authorised by the company to make this declaration, and that this constitutes your signature.