Withdrawal of Works4You from your pension scheme

We've written to you to let you know that we’re closing the Works4You facility on your pension scheme.

What is Works4You?

In a nutshell

With effect from 4 January 2016 we are closing the Works4You facility on your scheme.

The letter you received serves as your 180 days' notice period.

Works4You was introduced by Royal London in 2003. It is an employee benefit system which offers a variety of functions including holiday planner, absence management and management reporting, all of which can be accessed alongside, and driven by data within, your pension scheme.

Why are we removing Works4You?

Very few of our customers use Works4You and the software is reaching the end of its lifespan. We're unable to offer an alternative to Works4You which is compatible with our auto enrolment software, therefore we're removing the Works4You facility.

Is there any replacement for Works4You?

No, unfortunately not. While other online benefit packages are available to employers in the marketplace, you would have to set these up separately to your pension plan. These alternative packages are likely to carry an additional cost to you and/or your employees.

Why now?

The letter you've received has given you 180 days' notice of the withdrawal, as per our contract with you - as auto enrolment gathers pace and more of our existing schemes become enrolled, we are removing the Works4You option as it's not supported by the auto enrolment platform.

What will happen?

Any Works4You features you use will stop after 4 January 2016. However, please be assured that this will have no impact on all other aspects of your pension scheme and Online Services.

Once Works4You is withdrawn, we will destroy any data that is not needed to administer your pension scheme. Given this, we recommend that you use the Works4You Report Functionality to download any data you wish to retain or may need for managing employee benefits going forward, before 4 January 2016.

Please get in touch with us if you need assistance.

How will we deal with your data?

Works4You data will be securely destroyed in line with established data protection and data destruction procedures and industry best practice.

What do you need to do?

Although you don't need to do anything for this change to take effect, you may want to contact your financial adviser for any advice regarding your pension scheme.

We've also written to your adviser to let them know about this change to your pension plan.

Need more information?

Our dedicated servicing team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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