Encouraging your employees to talk about their pension savings

27 November 2020
We’ve teamed up with two Government bodies to help customers engage and start talking about their pension savings.

Recent circumstances have made us all take stock, focus on our priorities and pay closer attention to our finances.

We truly believe in financial advice and the value it delivers to customers. But we’re also very aware that many workplace pension customers don’t ever speak to an adviser.

We’re driving better engagement

If we can help customers to talk more about their savings, they’re more likely to feel in control and to seek advice in the future.

So we’ve teamed up with The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) and The Money Advice Service (MAS) who are Government backed bodies offering free money and pensions guidance to customers.

We’ve selected 150,000 of our workplace customers who’ve probably not spoken to an adviser, and we’re going to test three different packs to see what sparks an interest.

We're sending packs both digitally and by post. Within the packs will be a letter or an email, along with a leaflet, postcard and a link to a webpage for more information. And we're asking the customer to contact TPAS or MAS to discuss their savings.

Pack 1 - You’re entitled to free guidance about money and pensions to help plan your future

Pack 2 - We think you’ll benefit from money and pensions guidance

Pack 3 - Get tailored one to one money guidance now to make sure you’re working towards the retirement you want

To find out more, speak to your usual Royal London contact.