Passing your pension on

14 January 2020
Employees can keep us updated easily, using our online form.

We know personal circumstances change all the time, and in different ways. Whether it’s getting married, divorced, having children, or even grandchildren. When these life events happen, it’s important your employees keep their pension beneficiaries up to date so we know who they’d like to pass on their pension to after they’re gone.

We’ve made it even easier for them to let us know who they’d like to pass their pension on to, with our new online form.  And we can also take their nomination over the phone if they call our servicing team too.

Use our PDF to let your employees know

Letting your employees know

We've created a PDF you can email to your employees to tell them about this. And we’ve updated your pension scheme website with a banner on the homepage and links to the online form.


If you’ve got any questions, your usual Royal London dedicated servicing team will be happy to help.