Top savings tips from millennials

As part of Royal London’s Millennial Mosaic research, millennials were asked for their savings tips for other millennials. They won’t all apply to every millennial but they do offer a good guide and may be of interest to your employees.

The tips, in no particular order, include:

  • Tim Bresnan, 32 years old, Vice-Captain of Yorkshire County Cricket Club and two-time Ashes winning all-rounder said; “Regardless of age or career, the younger you start saving into your pension the better.”
  • Keri German, 29 years old from London; “I would recommend getting a financial adviser - I know so much more now after speaking to my adviser. But if that’s not possible, speaking to older people may help, as they are much more likely to have experience and understand pensions. Ask your Grandma and Grandpa or even someone in the workplace.” 
  • Rebecca Dix, 34 years old from Swansea; “As soon as you have a regular income, get into the habit of saving. Even if it’s the smallest contribution, you need to get into the habit of sacrificing some of your salary.”
  • Robert Rushton, 34 years old from Wales; “I would definitely consider using a financial adviser. I don’t know much about investments and it’s important to know about the risks and rewards of investing.” 
  • Catherine Harford, 31 years old from Hertfordshire; “I believe it’s really important to have some financial self-control, so saving is a major priority. A focus on short-term saving is important, for example, we focused on saving for our wedding and we’re then going to save to move to a bigger home but I still make sure I’m saving into a pension for my long term future.”
  • Sarah Millward, 31 years old from Birmingham; “Make a banking folder on your phone and also links to useful sites, like your pension. It means you can be more in touch with your finances on a daily basis. It helped me save and also better understand my pension.”

Jamie Clark, Business Development Manager at Royal London Intermediary pensions, said: 

There’s no better time than the New Year for employees to take a fresh look at their savings and pension. Financial resolutions don’t have to be difficult or complicated. Little steps can make a big difference such as increasing pension contributions when they get a pay rise and maxing out on any employer contributions.

Your employees can check out our planning for retirement tools and find more tips on saving on the Money Advice Service site.  You or your employees may also wish to consult a financial adviser to find out more about pension planning. You can find details of advisers in your area by visiting
Advisers may charge you a fee for advice and you should confirm any cost beforehand.  

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