Rejoiners process, salary exchange and updates to terms and conditions

11 December 2014
We've improved the process for workers who leave employment then rejoin and updated our auto enrolment terms and conditions. For schemes using salary exchange, we've also improved the contributions validation process.

Previously, you had to contact us if a worker left employment and then re-joined. This meant the worker would appear on the dashboard twice, with two different NI numbers.  

We’ve improved the re-joiner process so you can add workers who re-join by using the same process you use to add new workers.  

If our system finds a match on the worker’s NI number, we’ll recognise that they’ve left and re-joined and they’ll only appear on the dashboard once. You’ll also be able to access historical documents for the worker. 

We’ve also improved the validation for making contributions when using salary exchange.  From now on, if you make a worker contribution, you’ll be asked to check that the worker contribution is correct.

Top tip

Salary exchange contributions should be applied as employer only.

Update to our auto enrolment terms and conditions

We’ve updated the auto enrolment terms and conditions as a result of our recent rebrand from Scottish Life to Royal London.

As well as a new look and feel, we’ve also made a few changes to reflect legislative changes.

You can access the updated terms and conditions here