Data validation tool

Our data validation tool will help you provide us with the necessary data for your auto enrolment scheme.

Use the tool to check that you have the necessary data fields on your files and that the worker information being provided is in the correct format. For example you can use it to check that you are providing valid National Insurance numbers.

Step 1. Gather the data

Your Implementation Manager will discuss the specific data requirements for your scheme.

They will ask you to prepare data files required for the key processes. Our data guide tells you about the fields that are required.

Template files

Template CSV files for the three processes are available below, should you require them, with mandatory fields marked in bold:

Step 2. Validate your data

You can then download the data validation tool and follow the instructions in the user guide to validate your data.

Step 3. The data we’ll provide you

We will regularly provide you with a list of updates you will need to make to your payroll. You can make these updates manually but we recommend exporting them as a CSV file, which can then be imported directly into your payroll system.

You can download a sample payroll update file and insert your own worker data to ensure it is compatible with your system.