Frequently asked questions

Here are most common questions we’re asked about our online service.

We support Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox on Windows PCs.

Please contact our Web Support Team if you need any training or support and we will be happy to help.

If you have an auto enrolment scheme, your Implementation Manager will take you through how to use the system. You can also download our user guides by going to our page on online service for auto enrolment and selecting your type of scheme.  We've also made some videos that will take you through the system.

Please check that all pop-up blocker software is set to allow pop-ups from our website.

For general enquiries, contact us on 0345 60 50 050 or email

If you have an auto enrolment scheme, you can get details of your Corporate Servicing Team by clicking the Contact us link at the top right of every screen in our online service for auto enrolment

Usernames and passwords

The data stored within our online service is private to each user and may only be accessed on successful entry of a username and password. As long as these details are kept confidential, nobody else will be able to access your account.


When you connect to and sign in to our online service you will be using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL is the technology that lies behind the yellow padlock that is displayed in the bottom right corner of Internet browsers. The use of SSL encryption means that no one can intercept and see the information being transferred between our customers and our online service.

Digital certificates

We use Verisign Class 3 digital certificates on our online service. This means that our electronic identity and authority have been independently verified. When you connect to one of our secure sites your web browser uses the Verisign digital certificate to set up the SSL encrypted communications with our site. You can view our Verisign certificate information by double clicking the yellow padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser.


We use firewalls to restrict access to the servers that host our websites. We also make use of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS and IPS respectively) – these systems constantly monitor our systems for malicious or unwanted activity and can react to block or prevent those activities.

If your scheme is not an auto enrolment scheme, please refer to the leavers page.

If you have an auto enrolment scheme, you must tell us about leavers on our online service for auto enrolment. Go to online service for auto enrolment and select your type of scheme to download our guide to telling us about leavers.

Non auto enrolment schemes

  1. When processing your contribution schedule, select Add Paid Up Members from the options below the schedule and click Continue.

    how to reinstate members

  2. The paid up members will be shown. Tick the Reinstate box next to the employee you need to re-commence payments for, then Continue. The employee will now appear on the schedule.

Auto enrolment schemes

  • If the employee has left your employment then rejoined, you can add them again as you would a new worker. Go to online service for auto enrolment and select your type of scheme to download our guide to adding workers.

  • If the worker has stopped contributions and wishes to restart again, contact your Corporate Servicing Team. You can find out the contact details via the Contact us button in our online service for auto enrolment. If you have trouble, our Web Support Team can help. 

New Schemes

For new schemes, login details will be provided by your Implementation Manager.

Existing schemes

Please contact our Web Support Team who will setup an account for you and provide login details.