Defined benefit

Understanding your issues,listening to your needs,custom building the ideal package for your scheme.

We have been managing and administering defined benefit pension schemes for almost 50 years. This gives us a front line insight into the challenges and problems you face as trustees.

Our defined benefit proposition is designed to meet your needs and the needs of your scheme, no matter how challenging or complex.

Our services

With our mix and match approach, we provide you with the building blocks to create a custom-built solution for your defined benefit scheme.

  • Efficient, effective administration - We know that it's essential to get the basics right, every time. Developed in conjunction with HR directors, trustees and scheme managers of some of the UK's biggest companies, we provide an innovative online administration platform. Backed by outstanding levels of personal service, you can be sure that your scheme has a solid foundation.
  • Actuarial services - A core of essential actuarial services; triennial valuations, transfer value guidance, PPF levy valuations etc, is provided plus a range of enhanced services including specialist factors, de-risking strategies and accounting disclosures are available as required. All provided by our professional staff at Royal London Consulting Actuaries.
  • Accounting services - All the accountancy work you'd normally associate with a defined benefit scheme comes in a core package. Additional services as and when required are available on request.
  • Trustee services - Designed to make your role easier. We have designed some useful tools which will help with scheme governance - Business plan template, Quarterly stewardship report (for schemes with over 100 members) and Data analysis reports. We can also provide trustee training and secretarial services if required.
  • Investment services - Our strategic asset allocation tool looks at the specific liabilities and assets of your specific scheme and suggests an investment allocation strategy based on your attitude to risk and the time over which future liabilities will arise. In addition, a wide range of funds are available from leading fund managers.

Our fully insured option

If you simply want all your scheme services, including scheme investments, under one roof. We offer a fully insured defined benefit contract that benefits from much of the expertise detailed above.

Total control, total choice

With defined benefit from Royal London, we want you to get the most from your money. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. Added to our decades of expertise and commitment to the defined benefit market, we're sure we can provide the ideal solution for you.


Last updated: 28 Oct 2014
Professional services

Royal London Consulting Actuaries offer pension consulting services.

For further information visit their website.

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